master of science 1

Designer’s typical methods and approaches involve aDesigner’s typical methods and approaches involve amulti-cultural knowledge (creative, technological and scientificbut with a concrete expertise in field of communication,representation and historical criticisms). Students will delve intointernationalization best practices for products and services,taking into account design-driven aspects, as well as marketingtools and R&D methods, referring to some emerging issues suchas the digital industry or D2C design and ethical design, that aretransforming the conventional work practices.The Course aims to provide a depth knowledge of the context ofindustrial and technological craft production, with the purposeto improve qualitative aspects of design for the builtenvironment such as product environmental requirements andsustainable design strategies. The challenge is in a creative andtechnical approach, according to the product/service, marketconditions and to the relationship with the enterprise cultureand with innovative production processes.

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